Wounds to Wishes: Tales of Mystery and Melancholy (Dark Tide Horror Novellas) by Chad Lutzke, John Boden, Robert Ford, Crystal Lake Publishing, Crystal Lake Audio

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Three separate yet strangely connected novellas kick off Crystal Lake’s Dark Tide series with stories of Mystery and Suspense.

THE STRANGEST TWIST UPON HER LIPS by Chad Lutzke: When a suicide note is just too much to bear, an absurd celebration of life feels like the only way out. While avoiding the suicide note his fiancé left behind, a grief-stricken man tackles a bucket list the two had made together, fulfilling entries that take him out of his comfort zone and into the realm of skid-row voodoo, where truths are finally revealed. Another grief horror yarn from the author of Stirring the Sheets and Of Foster Homes and Flies.

MY ONLY SUNSHINE byRobert Ford: A grief-stricken mother has five days to solve her daughter’s murder. Caroline’s daughter was abducted and murdered over four months ago. Now, in an abandoned building, in the dead of night, she can talk with Emma’s ghost. Five days. Fourteen minutes each day. That’s all the time Caroline has to find out who murdered Emma, and say goodbye to her daughter for the very last time.

SUET by John Boden: Dark secrets and darker things are a lonely man's inheritance. Corbin is a lonely young man who finally broke the bonds of an emotional vampire of a job. He accepts the sad task of going through the estate of his dead grandparents, to discover that family can go back quite far, as can secrets and shadows. He will discover that the family he always knew kept things back and that an inheritance isn't always monetary. History has teeth and talons and often times does not let go easily.

Crystal Lake’s Dark Tide series will continue soon with more tales of Mystery Thrillers and Horror Books, including themes of Weird Western, Sherlock Holmes, Grief Horror, Body Horror, Halloween, Mystery fiction, and Psychological Thriller books.

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Chad Lutzke, John Boden, Robert Ford, Crystal Lake Publishing, and Crystal Lake Audio


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